11 July 2022

From the desk of a Veteran!

I have spent more than 35 years at Cosmo, and my journey started in the year 1987, when the company was just 5 year old, and had one operational plant in Aurangabad.

I joined the company as an engineer, and have adorned several roles in my 3.5 decade long journey at Cosmo. While the road was smooth most of the time, there were a few bumps on the way as well. I have been able to manage my personal life, along with giving my 100% to the company with utmost ease.

During my tenure with the company, I have always had complete support of my co-workers, from the other leadership team and for the top management. I have been heading operations for the company for the past 5 years, and the journey has been nothing less than exciting. With the help of my peers, we have been able to change the culture of how work is done and have worked upon becoming system oriented.

Having dealt with several organizations and different kind of assignments in Sales & Marketing and project implementation, Cosmo has been the best. I have seen the company grow from humble starts to capacities that are more than 1500 times.

Handling operations for three different plants is a challenge, but with the help and support of my team and the management, it has become easy. Even during the pandemic, the team worked together in order to keep all the plants fully operational, and the management took it upon themselves to maintain safety and hygiene for the people working at the plants.

One thing that I have followed in my entire career is that my organization has always been a top priority for me, and I feel proud to be a part of Cosmo First, which produces excellent films, have grown under the speciality chemicals, adhesives and masterbatch business, and has also ventured into a completely new pet care business with Zigly.

Lastly, while I have been with Cosmo Films for more than 60% of the time of my life , my experience is that loyalty, integrity and honesty always pays back, provided you are ready to change , accept new challenges, upgrade your skills and knowledge.